Prosthesis (Artificial limbs) – All types of lower limb and upper limb prosthesis using internationally recommended materials and fabrication technology (Jaipur foot).


Orthosis (Artificial supports) – All types of spinal, upper and lower limb orthosis using low weight thermoplastics which are light weight, comfortable can be used with shoes / foot wears of your choice.

  • Treatment of bone, muscles and joints disorders like neck pain, back pain, joints and muscle pain. 
  • Looking after patient with locomotor disability due to amputations, poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, spinal injuries head injuries, hemiplegics diabetes, arthritis, myopathies, delayed union and nonunion in fractures. Responsible for patient examination, prescription writing for orthotics and prosthetics. Supervising measurement taking, fabrication, fitting and post fitting training