1. Research paper published in National Index Journal – Indian Journal of  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation entitled “ Supracondylar osteotomy for correction of post polio deformity at knee joint” in Volume no.6 April 1993 (Page No. 9 to 12).
  2. Research paper published in India Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation entitled “Follow uo study of Rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients Rehabilitated in Rehabilitation research centre” from the 1984 to 1993. (IJPMR 8-9, April 1997-98 page No. 57 to 62).
  3. Contributed one chapter entitled “Physical Fitness” in Souvenir published in Silver Jubilee Conference of Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 9-11 January 1997 at Jaipur.
  4. Since March 2014 involved in Research project with Ohio State University, Colorado State University USA and Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur funded by National Science Foundation USA to analyze break points in Jaipur foot with the aim to rectify them by changing design or materials and improve its durability.
  5. Selected in International Advisory Panel to complete the systematic Review for International Society of Prosthetics & Orthotics (ISPO). 11 members expert panel comprises of 5 members from U.K., 2 from USA, one from Brazil, Italy and Tanzania each and me from India.
  6.  Involved in Research project for improvements in Jaipur foot with Michigan Technological University USA in the year 2011 and 2012.
  7.  US, India science and technology endowment fund (USISTEF), the most prestigious research funding agency jointly between US and India is funding our  Jaipur belt – Spinal brace project in association with Newndra  Foundation, Jaipur and Paul Scott from Med Spark, California, USA.
  8. Jiv Daya Foundation Texas, USA is funding one research project for in depth analysis of our work in the field of management of locomotor disability by using Jaipur foot and low weight thermoplastic calipers for polio and other paralytic as well as musculoskeletal disorders.
  9. Involved in Research project titled “expression of interest for collaborative Research and Development” in the project “Belt system for body support” vide DSIR/TePP/919/2012, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India in association with JECRC, Jaipur.
  10. Worked as Principal Co-Investigator under Dr. P.K. Sethi in the Research projects sponsored by Department of Science Technology Government of India. The title of the projects are –
  • Design and development of appropriate rehabilitation aids for physically handicapped using light weight durable polymers with special reference to Jaipur foot (Phase II)
  •  Use of reinforced thermoplastics in rehabilitation aids for physically handicapped.